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    The sudden loss of my beloved bedlington in autumn 1991 tragically turned out to be a deadlock situation.
    “Let like cure like!” – said my friends, when a pit bull puppy got into my reanimation room. And they were right: the "Bravo!" cheers directed at my pit bulls have not subsided for almost 15 years.
    The first Chihuahua appeared at our place almost instantly. At that moment, all my knowledge about this breed consisted of something like this: a red and shaggy doggy weighing 500g. However, ours was sleek, spotted and weighted more than one kilogram. In order to settle doubt about our dog’s breed we signed up for seven dog shows one after another. It was like a miracle! She was belissimo at all of them! Angelina’s frantic spirit fascinated the experts, and her exterior allowed her to become the six fold Best Junior and, still being a junior, the threefold Best of Breed. Year 2004 was a very happy one, and it brought us another gift of fortune: the first Belissimo Bravo, Bismarck’s daughter Galatea was born.
    In 2005, our inmost and long-standing dream came true: our kennel was blessed with two daughters of the great Jerry, whose master was Ruslan Massar, both a tutor and a big friend of mine.
    Due to lots of her valuable genetic qualities, her unbelievable spirit, which was inherited by her children, her sound health and charming personality Angelina Abrikos became our kennel’s founder and progenitor, giving birth to new champions.
    We treat all our animals as our children. And, as everybody knows, children should be provided with all best. Sleeping only on mom’s pillow. Eating only Pro Plan, the best dog food in the whole world. Only Eurican for vaccination. The dogs’ masters are also picked out carefully.


    It may not be a rarity to own a cool pedigree show-class bitch, but it’s the same as to find a mare's nest. Our first Chihuahua is a granddaughter of the first Chihuahua – Interchampion – the celebrated Elionora (“Nasvit” kennel), who became famous for her outstanding offsprings. The grandmother and the grandchild are very alike phenotypically, and thus we can speak of such a valuable quality as PREPOTENCY.
    Our kennel has a wide variety of goals, and speaking as a vet and a breeder with great length of service and considerable experience, I would like to name only several of them.
    The main one is to obtain physically and genetically healthy breed.
    An aspiration for cultivating beautiful anatomy in the animals you are breeding, which, in my point of view, will make it possible to obtain a certain degree of beauty and harmony, in other words, “firm style”.
    Do not attempt to minimize the smallest representatives of the dog world.
    The kennel is not intended for a big amount of dogs, for it’s better to do less, but better.
    The primary goal of each reliable kennel is a purposeful selection of a breeding pair, not mere reproduction with further increase of mediocre litter.

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